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Project Manager Assistant - Omexom Belgium

Wouter – PM Assistant

After a short entry period, I was asked to assist in the cost estimates for new projects. This way I got familiarized with the matter of high voltage. After a while they expected me to monitor some ongoing projects by requesting prices, placing orders and following these up. During this period I was always assisted by experienced project managers.

Each day I accomplish a variety of tasks, from cost calculations to the termination of a project. In short, a wide range of tasks, so that it always remains interesting.

Dimitri – Fitter

After I finished school in July 2015, I was immediately hired at Omexom. The first few months I accompanied a colleague to walk-through and to learn everything about the operation of a high voltage power station. After a few months, I accompanied another colleague, who is a mechanic, to also master that part.

The past year was very educative and I’m still learning more and more every day. That’s what makes this job so interesting. Each power station is different and you must often come up with creative solutions, always with an eye on how to work safely. Each day there’s a new challenge. What mainly attracts me in this job is the healthy stress. When you receive the project planning, you are supposed to respect the deadline. This way you always have to find the most efficient way of working.

I never thought I would ever end up in the Power & Grid with my degree as residential electrician, but I’m glad I got this opportunity!

Fitter - Omexom Belgium
Foreman - Omexom Belgium

Koen – Foreman

Since 1998 I have been working with Omexom. During my first 10 years I’ve worked in the pharmaceutical industry. In 2008, I made the transition to the high voltage industry. Because of the completely different techniques, I had a lot to learn the first few years.

After five years, I prepared my first power station and managed some colleagues. In May 2016 I was appointed as Foreman. The first weeks I had to adjust; I had to place orders, prepare schedules, write safety procedures, supervise the projects from A to Z … all by myself.

I am still learning and I try to organize my work as efficiently as possible. However, a foreman is nothing without skilled employees, so I pay close attention to the team spirit and guide young workers within the team, as they are the future.

Simon – Project Engineer

As Project Engineer I’m responsible for making the schedules and plans in accordance with the instructions of the Project Manager and the client. If necessary, I’ll visit the yard to get a better insight on the situation. The challenge to always create actionable plans, backed with good equipment, makes my job interesting and fascinating.

Project Engineer - Omexom Belgium