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HV Substation “Centrale Langerbrugge”

This project involves the complete overhaul of the 150 kV and 36 kV substation. In the 150 kV section, the transformer fields will be equipped and connected with new 150 kV switchgear. The 36 kV section (GIS, Gas-Insulated Substation) will be extended from 6 to 16 36 kV cells, from which the connections will depart to industrial customers in the region. All additional 36 kV cables in the substation will be recoupled and reconnected to the new GIS installation.

The transformers (150/36 kV & 150/12 kV & 36/12 kV) will be equipped with new connections on the HV and MV side. The necessary cables will be connected in the new 36 kV cells.

At the same time, the LV security systems will be extended and renewed for the different parts of the substation, supplied from two new 12 kV/400 V emergency transformers. Omexom will arrange all deliveries of materials and cables for the LV installation, install everything and connect all cables and provide the necessary assistance to the customer with testing and commissioning.

In terms of infrastructure Omexom will renew the entire 400/230 V installation. In addition, all interior and exterior lighting will be replaced with LED lighting.

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