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Elia: 150 kV station Rodenhuize

Elia continuously maintains its high voltage installations. Modernization of high voltage components and investments in new equipment and switchgear on HV and LV are hereby priority. Also in the substation 150 kV Rodenhuize investments in new high voltage equipment will be done in the coming years. Rodenhuize 150 kV is located near Ghent and is a key switching station in the region. It provides inter alia the 150 kV power supplies to the steel plant Arcelor-Mittal.

This project is ascribed by Tractebel to Omexom in July 2015 and will last until August 2019. During this period, the substation will be renewed with 150 kV switchgear. In more than 17 fields 150 kV, the vast majority of the material will be renewed. The protections in the relay room will be completely renovated according to the latest standards and technologies of Elia. Omexom provides the staff and resources for the installation of the 150 kV equipment and also provides the supply of HV cable, steel structures.

In the low voltage domain Omexom supplies all LV cable, security signs and is also responsible for the engineering. The low voltage installation and connection with all cables is one of the tasks of Omexom. This way a fully operational substation can be delivered to Elia in 2019.

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Station Rodenhuize - Omexom Belgium