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Three Omexom companies unite to take part in one of the most ambitious HV line projects in Belgium

After two years of hard work, the consortium has just finished installing the 29.4 km of 380 kV overhead power lines linking the Zomergem and Van Maerlandt substations in Belgium; part of the Stevin Project led by Elia.

A strategic project for the country’s energy future

The main objective is to strengthen the electricity network in West Flanders with a new dual HV power line between the cities of Zomergem and Zeebrugge. This link makes it possible first, to recuperate the energy produced by offshore wind farms and coming from England via the new submarine 400kV DC cable (Nemo Project) and second, to increase transport capacity from the coast inland.

Technological innovations at the service of the project’s ambition

Now part of the project’s ecosystem: last-generation compact pylons with isolated arms in composites and silicones. HTLS (High Temperature Low Sag) conductors with carbon blades operate at a higher temperature, thus transporting more power per section.

Extensive human and technical resources

In Belgium, Omexom was able to rely on Omexom companies from Germany and Italy to deploy augmented teams and combine synergies in one of the most ambitious Elia projects of the ten last years.

The Belgian and Italian teams put their skills to assembling the 20 pylons (713 tons), with the German team in charge of pulling the cables, sometimes via helicopter as can you see in the video down below.


The project successfully ended with the installation of air navigation warning beacons powered by solar panels and batteries.

A great example of what seamless collaboration between Omexom business units can mean, and which has Omexom Belgium rolling up its sleeves to prepare several other major projects Elia has on the agenda for 2017.