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About us

With our 60 specialized employees Omexom Belgium provides the best solutions for generation, transmission, transformation and distribution of electrical energy. Thanks to years of experience, our customers can count on a reliable partner for their entire project, going from consulting and design over installation and integration to maintenance. Every TSO (Transmission System Operator) and DSO (Distribution System Operator), industrial consumer at high voltage or high voltage switchgear manufacturer can rely on a constructive partnership with Omexom, at all voltage levels.

Omexom Belgium also carries out projects in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Here, Omexom carries out control-command projects of the type DCS (Digital Control System), as well as electrical engineering in the field of energy, both in production and in transport. These project activities will be complemented by a specific activity of services in the field of control and monitoring.

Since 2015 we also have a wide knowledge and experience in providing traction substations for public transport companies (railways, trams, metros) and offer a comprehensive range of low and medium voltage products and solutions. We always offer the latest technologies, including an efficient maintenance service to ensure the value of long-term equipment.

Bart Van Reybroeck Business Unit Manager Omexom Belgium

“For over 15 years we work in cooperation with our customers to build reliable and efficient energy supply. Mutual consultation and a good preparation is essential to work safely and with a minimum of interruptions.”  Bart Van Reybroeck – Business Unit Manager Omexom Belgium

Omexom, a VINCI Energies brand, delivers on the promises of the energy transition. Omexom covers the full range of electricity infrastructure needs in generation, transmission and distribution right up to the consumer’s meter; from design and implementation to maintenance. Omexom also supports the manufacturers, operators, network owners and suppliers with customized services. Omexom is fully independent when it comes to promoting technological options; and with our expertise and in-depth knowledge of client processes, Omexom always chooses the best solution to meet client expectations.

Omexom started in 2001 when 20 regional business units, specialised in electricity transmission and transformation in France, adopted the common Omexom banner. A major turning point was reached in 2010 with the extension of Omexom’s field of activity and its international expansion. Broadening its range of services, Omexom branched out into generation and distribution services, and positioned itself across the entire electricity value chain. From that time the brand has continued to expand. Today our international network brings together 250 business units.

Frédéric Mayné Managing Director - Omexom Belgium

 “By the merge of Cegelec and VINCI Energies, just over three years ago, I discovered the world of Omexom. I asked myself the question whether this regrouping of activities would benefit our customers, our teams,… Well, I was pleasantly surprised! Soon after the merge we already had a common language, objectives, solutions,… In short, all that is needed to provide our customers with the right solutions for everything related to Power & Grid. Omexom has a strong network with thousands of experts in over more than 250 different business units spread all over the world. A fine example of our solidity is the Stevin project which is assisted by our German and Italian colleagues. The Omexom network shows that one plus one equals more than two…”  Frédéric Mayné – Managing Director

In a world undergoing constant change, VINCI Energies focuses on connections, performance, energy efficiency and data to fast-track the rollout of new technologies and support two major changes: the digital transformation and the energy transition.

With their strong regional roots and agile organisational structure, VINCI Energies’ 1,800 business units boost the reliability, safety and efficiency of energy, transport and communication infrastructure, factories and buildings.

The VINCI Energies’ Way of Life

All employees of VINCI Energies act from the VINCI Energies’ Way of Life. These are the common values and beliefs, which are rooted in our mentality, to guide the course of our actions and make cooperation and communication easier, both within and between the various business units of our network. They help us individually and collectively to achieve the best results for our clients.

Values VINCI Energies - Omexom Belgium