Omexom has the skills to deliver a comprehensive project, encompassing all phases – innovation, feasibility, design, build and maintenance.
Reducing the total capital and operational expenditure of distribution networks while improving the safety, the security and the carbon footprint of the network is the key challenge driving Omexom’s offers.


Omexom realizes and maintains installations for mobility, especially for rail infrastructure and public transport. We offer solutions in the field of energy supply. In addition, we realize electrical installation but also various cable work.

Mobility references: Elia with the traction substations in Mechelen, the Liefkenshoek railway tunnel and the Kennedy tunnel.

Overhead lines

As the global demand for power increases, so does the need to improve the energy infrastructure in rural communities. Similarly, there’s an increasing need for asset management, particularly in Europe. We meet those needs providing localised electricity distribution.

Our decentralized approach enables us to collaborate with local contractors, each with their own unique skillsets. Whether working in a heavily-populated area, or a rural landscape, our local expertise enables us to deliver projects effectively.

News related to Distribution

04.02.2021 Belgium, Substations

Elia Lillo 380/150/36 kV Project

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10.11.2020 Brazil, Transmission

Grid interconnections in Brazil

On November 2nd, Omexom in Brazil delivered Lot 26 for Energisa which includes a 230 kV Transmission Line with 267.4 km of extension in double circuit.
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05.11.2020 Substations, Sweden

Omexom is building a new substation for the Swedish grid operator Svenska kraftnät

Omexom teams are building a new 400 kV substation, Tovåsen, which will be built 25 km south Ånge in Gävleborg County in Sweden.
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28.10.2020 Norway, Overhead transmission lines, Transmission

22 kV High voltage line in Aremark

In Aremark, along Torpedalsveien, Omexom's teams in Norway have begun work on the new 22 kV high-voltage line, 12 m high, between Arbu and Brekke power station (South of Oslo).
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19.10.2020 Electric mobility

Public service concession contract of the Eborn electric charging stations

Easy Charge, a VINCI Group Business Unit dedicated to electric mobility, and the Fund for the Ecological Modernisation of Transport through its management company Demeter, have been awarded the public service delegation contract for the eborn network of electric charging stations.
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14.10.2020 Electric mobility, Germany

Intelligent charging infrastructure for bus in Germany

As emissions play an increasingly important role in urban areas, many municipal services and local transport companies are already converting part of their vehicle fleets to purely electric traction. This is notably the case of Omexom, which has already converted depots with high-current and intelligent technology for some of their customers.
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27.08.2020 Asset inspection, Australia, Overhead distribution lines

Meet Shae Lee, asset inspector in Omexom Australia

Shae-Lee is the only female Asset Inspector working at Omexom in Australia. She began as a trainee in 2018, and she is now fully qualified and embracing her new role in Asset Services.
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13.08.2020 Substations

Extension of the substation EOS380

The Dutch government is investing in green energy. Solar panels and (offshore) windmills are being built throughout the Netherlands. The EOS380 substation is an important connection to the electrical network and other substations.
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