Focusing on Daily Innovation

We innovate where technically possible, anticipate on new technologies and innovations of our suppliers to implement it in a safe and practical way for our customers. As a learning organization, we continually invest in our specialists and we continuously improve our methods. This allows us to offer our customers the most practical approach and guarantee top quality.

In close cooperation with its customers and design partners, Omexom builds and maintains safely, sustainable and innovative solutions. Based on the customer’s demand, Omexom offers the best suitable solutions with added value.

“At Omexom we believe that innovation is the key to competitiveness. New methods and technologies are introduced and increase the level of competition in the Power & Grid sector. This impact shouldn’t be underestimated. Because of this we are challenged to be creative, monitor and integrate new developments in our business. The constant search for opportunities helps us to succeed in our projects, this on budgetary and technological level.”

Striving for Market Innovation

For us, innovation and sustainability go hand in hand. We want to help optimize solutions for energy conversion and transmission. That is why we run collaborations with startup companies and actors from both industry and schools around the world within our global innovation networks, for example.

Innovation is one of our focus areas and we work actively to drive the development of the energy system of the future from a sustainability perspective. As part of VINCI Energies, we share the VINCI Group’s goal of reducing our carbon dioxide emissions by 40% by 2030. We are determined to follow that goal in our business as a minimum, by working with innovation and continuous improvement of the services which we offer our customers.

Omexom participates in discussions in many technical institutions within the energy sector

  • Think SmartGrids:– The association aims to develop the Smart grids sector and to promote those solutions in Europe and around the world.