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Omexom offers a wide range of services, primarily in the field of renewable energy. Our services can be divided in various activities, including security and non-security, assistance to specification studies and detailed analysis of aspects related to the industrial computers and information, to DCS technical 24/7 assistance via project engineers and, lastly, to maintenance in operational conditions.


High voltage is mainly used for transporting large amounts of electrical energy in order to reduce losses in energy transport. This happens on the grid, either from an overhead grid with power lines, or underground via power lines. Omexom is the right partner for this activity!



Omexom delivers comprehensive solutions for all substations. Supporting the daily progress in all process areas, our global network of experts share their experience and best practices. This is reflected in our international training programs, the Omexom LAB, our specialized maintenance and engineering services and above all by our commitment to each customer.



Omexom develops an extensive range of products and services for control-command systems and protections dedicated to our electrical transformation and transmission infrastructures.

  • High voltage posts
  • Traction substations for trailway infrastructure
  • Substations for industry


A reliable energy supply is essential for the underlying process. The medium voltage installation that many companies have on their sites, forms the backbone. Omexom is active in various fields. We place new indoor and outdoor cabins, but also offer the necessary expertise for cleaning, maintenance or renovation of existing cabins.

We always work with the greatest care for quality and safety on the installations. With every adaptation, extension or upgrading of existing facilities Omexom uses its technical expertise and years of experience to give its clients the best advice and assistance.



In the high voltage substations, the high voltage is transformed into medium voltage. The medium voltage is used to supply various medium voltage cabins, such as distributing food cabins or cabins for companies and large buildings, such as offices or hospitals. Omexom is the right partner for projects in the medium voltage distribution!

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