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Solar park installation in Hemmen, the Netherlands

Brussels, June 19, 2024 – IZEN, part of VINCI Energies since the end of 2019, will continue to operate under the international brand name Omexom from June 19 this year. Omexom, VINCI Energies’ brand dedicated to energy infrastructure, is a global provider of solutions for those who produce, transform and transport electricity.

IZEN, a specialist in renewable energy technologies, was acquired by VINCI Energies in 2019. After years of successful integration and collaboration, the time has come to take the next step within the group to further grow and develop IZEN’s expertise.

From June 19, 2024, IZEN will continue to operate under the brand name Omexom, VINCI Energies’ brand dedicated to energy infrastructure. However, this rebranding will not impact ongoing contracts, its corporate name or other legal information for existing IZEN customers.


Omexom helps electricity producers, transmission and distribution system operators and local and regional authorities fulfill the promise of the energy transition to foster access to electricity, ensure secure supply and develop sustainable energy in the future. As an international brand, Omexom is active in 37 countries, achieving a turnover of more than 5 billion euros and employing 24,000 people across 470 business units.

The company offers innovative solutions for renewable energy, urban natural gas networks, electricity storage, low-carbon mobility and energy and transport infrastructure management.

“At VINCI Energies, we highly value sustainability. We continuously realize projects that contribute to improving people’s everyday lives and shaping the world of tomorrow. We are convinced that joining the Omexom brand will strengthen IZEN. It will make the brand even better connected to Omexom’s Business Units that operate globally in the same segments and activities, which will only enhance its performance,” explains Marc Lemaire, Managing Director of VINCI Energies in Belgium.

Smart energy

IZEN’s activities will continue to operate within the Renewable Energies division. “It remains our mission to make high-quality renewable energy available to everyone,” says Bart Van Der Meersch, Managing Director Renewable Energies. “We are still striving for 100% smart energy. By letting our existing organization develop further under the strong Omexom brand, we can build on its technical know-how and international character. We thank all our partners and customers for their continued support and confidence in IZEN and look forward to continuing to work together under the name Omexom.”

About Omexom

Faced with ongoing transformations in the world of energy, Omexom helps its clients to achieve the energy transition.

Omexom draws on its expertise in all fields of electricity and gas to build low carbon energy sources and develop the grid, promote optimized energy use and implement innovative and collaborative solutions. Our projects are designed for energy producers, transmission and distribution system operators, local and regional authorities as well as their users in all territories.

As an integrator, Omexom continuously looks for the best technological options and deploys the most suitable solutions for its clients’ needs in complete autonomy from its suppliers. At Omexom, environment has always been at the heart of our concerns which is even more essential for the coming years. Omexom is upgrading offers by using low-carbon processes and recycled materials that preserve the environment and, at the same time, is launching new low-carbon solutions.

We currently form an international network with turnover of €5 B, in which the values of Omexom are shared by more than 24,000 employees, in 37 countries via 470 Business Units. Omexom is a VINCI Energies brand.

About VINCI Energies in Belgium

In a world undergoing constant change, VINCI Energies contributes to the environmental transition by helping bring about major trends in the digital landscape and energy sector. VINCI Energies’ teams roll out technologies and integrate customised multi-technical solutions, from design to implementation, operation and maintenance. With their strong local roots and agile and innovative structure, VINCI Energies’ 2,000 business units have positioned themselves at the heart of the energy choices of their customers, boosting the reliability, efficiency and sustainability of their infrastructure and processes. VINCI Energies strives for global performance, caring for the planet, useful to people and committed to local communities.

In Belgium, VINCI Energies operates in industrial automation, energy, transport and communication infrastructures, building technologies, fire protection and facility services through the brands Actemium, Axians, Cegelec, Omexom and VINCI Facilities, as well as through several local brands. VINCI Energies in Belgium employs 2,900 people and has an annual turnover of €700 million. More info: