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We innovate where technically possible, anticipate on new technologies and innovations of our suppliers to implement it in a safe and practical way for our customers. As a learning organization, we continually invest in our specialists and we continuously improve our methods. This allows us to offer our customers the most practical approach and guarantee top quality.

In close cooperation with its customers and design partners, Omexom builds and maintains safely, sustainable and innovative solutions. Based on the customer’s demand, Omexom offers the best suitable solutions with added value.

Robin D'Heer Project Manager Omexom Belgium

“At Omexom we believe that innovation is the key to competitiveness. New methods and technologies are introduced and increase the level of competition in the Power & Grid sector. This impact shouldn’t be underestimated. Because of this we are challenged to be creative, monitor and integrate new developments in our business. The constant search for opportunities helps us to succeed in our projects, this on budgetary and technological level.”
Robin D’heer – Project Manager Omexom Belgium

Omexom Belgium
Omexom Belgium